Thursday, November 28, 2013

the night before

last one...

the arrival of Scarlet Rae

 Thursday, November 21, 2013.  went into labor at 4:30a got dana over by 6 to watch emmit and get him off to school. checked into the hospital around 7. called into work 7:30a when I was relieved they officially admitted me. my water broke and I quickly dilated to 10cm. they wheeled me upstairs as I was yearning for an epidural. the dr. came into the room and convinced me she could get the baby out before the anesthesiologist could even get there. 6 minutes, 3 contractions/pushes later, after being in labor shy of 4.5hr WITHOUT DRUGS(!), we welcomed our second child and daughter at 8:58a. she weighed 7lbs 5oz and measured 18" long.

Friday, November 15, 2013

preggo photos

.... and micah needed in on the action too....  3 more weeks to go. I'll never make it! I am so uncomfortable!!  emmit was so easy. not so much this time around. I've had to cut back my hours at work to 4-6 hrs a day. I got sent to the hospital tuesday after my dr appointment. I'm 3.5 cm dilated and I told her I'd been cramping since sunday. they hooked me up to a machine to monitor me for 3 hours. they told me I was "pre-laboring." I am indeed having contractions but had not made any progress in laboring so they sent me home. the nurse told me that she could see me back within a few hours or not for a couple more weeks. so here I am 3 days later, at home, updating the blog, about to get ready for another day of work....

forgotten halloween post

loving karate!

I've been able to attend a few of emmit's classes since I have cut back my hours at work...  emmit got to lead the class for a few minutes the other day. then, at the end of class, he tested for his yellow stripe and passed!  (I don't think it's considered "real" karate yet so they add these "bands" to their white belts until they test up for their proper belts;  regardless,  very proud!)